We are a group of tennis enthusiasts who love working with people with special needs. Some of us are parents, teachers, caregivers and tennis pro’s. We all come from a very diverse background but we are all united together for this project. One of our goals is to provide tennis year round and that is easy since we live in North Carolina. We want to grow the game of tennis and provide more opportunities for our athletes to compete. If you would love to join in our efforts please contact us.

We are committed to raising awareness and growing adaptive tennis programs throughout the state. We have seen such programs play an important role in improving inclusion and the well-being of persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

We serve athletes, parents and organizations as their state-wide authoritative source of information and assistance on adaptive tennis in North Carolina.
We provide workshops, consultations, and assistance to CTAs, Parks and Recreation departments, schools, and adult services agencies to develop Adaptive Tennis programs in their community.
Through our outreach and awareness programs, we are working to bring new players into the sport of adaptive tennis.
And we serve as a state and national advocacy and outreach organization providing Adaptive Tennis Awareness training to organizations.

Our core programs include:

PE – Adaptive Tennis (PEAT)
Local clinics sponsored by CTAs and local clubs
Tournaments throughout the state including a national tournament
Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities who participate in sports, such as tennis, develop vital social skills; develop independence; forge friendships outside of their families and inner circle; build self-confidence; and have an increased awareness of their own potential.

Help us bring tennis to the approximately 172,000 individuals* in the state of North Carolina who have significant, life-long disabilities known as “intellectual and other developmental disabilities”.

*provided by NC Department of Health and Human Services

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