One of the highlights of my summer was attending the SPUD tennis tournament in Belton, SC.  On July 9th, my daughter and I headed south for 2 days of fun tennis and fellowship.    The small town of Belton is the ideal spot for this tournament with 3 locations for matches and the SC Tennis Hall of Fame across the street from the courts was the logical spot for our meals.  Many of the players were from SC and Georgia, with two athletes from NC, Kevin Olin and Justin Hunsucker.

The tournament was fashioned after USTA league matches with 4 teams playing each other throughout the weekend.  We played two matches on Friday and one Saturday morning with the awards banquet following at the Belton Tennis Center.  Each team had a colored t-shirt to identify them.  We had volunteers from all over SC, GA and NC playing as unified partners with the athletes.  Though it was toasty warm, everyone held up well and fun was had by all.

Also, this summer, Play Days are in action with the first one at Aston Park in Asheville.  It was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to play…it was the only dry hour and a half the entire day!  One of our participants had never played tennis and she was reticent to say the least!  I just received an email from her that she has the tennis bug and she has not missed a day of tennis since the Play Day!  Love it!  Our next Play Day will be in Wilmington on August 14th and then we will move to Johnston County and then Greensboro.